Ahmedabad to Dwarka Road Trip Guide
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Let’s explore Gujarat by car! This trip from Ahmedabad to Dwarka is picture-perfect for everyone. You will enjoy picturesque views, fascinating culture, and holy sites. We’ll show you the best route, must-see places, and tips for a stress-free adventure, and you can choose the perfect Ahmedabad to Dwarka car hire service!

Ahmedabad to Dwarka Route Overview

Ahmedabad to Dwarka is a scenic road trip! It’s approximately 450 km of total travel and takes around 9–10 hours. As you cruise along the NH 947 national highway, you will find many attractive towns, lush green countryside, and some historical gems sprinkled throughout your journey. This route promises a great mix of sights, making your drive to Dwarka as memorable as the destination itself.

However, it is suggested to avail of the right Ahmedabad to Dwarka tour packages to make your trip affordable and memorable!

Read the quick overview of the trip below:

Ahmedabad to Viramgam

Consider Ahmedabad to Dwarka cab hire services to travel from Ahmedabad to Vikramgam along the way. The distance is approximately 65 km. During the trip, you’ll travel through lively Ahmedabad, famous for its heritage sites and vibrant culture. Viramgam is an amazing place to pause, refresh, and get ready for the next part of the drive.

Viramgam to Surendranagar

 While traveling on the NH 947 national highway from Viramgam to Surendranagar, you’ll reach ancient stepwell towns and temples. It’s a perfect place to relax for 1-2 hours, have a snack, and sightsee the nearby lures.

Surendranagar to Rajkot 

When you are on the Ahmedabad to Dwarka tour package, you will travel by Rajkot after Surendranagar. Rajkot is a huge Gujarat city renowned for its super crafts, tasty food, and historic sights. If you have time, take a quick trip to the nearby Virpur temple to learn about Jalaram Bapa and experience some local culture.

Rajkot to Jamnagar

Ahmedabad to Dwarka cab services take the next cruise from Rajkot to Jamnagar through the beautiful countryside. Jamnagar has various beautiful palaces, ancient temples, and access to Pirotan Island’s marine park.

Jamnagar to Dwarka

 Well, Jamnagar to Dwarka is the last stop! It is world-known for its holy Dwarkadhish Temple, Bet Dwarka Island, and soothing beaches. You can ask your Ahmedabad to Dwarka car hire service provider for better exploration.

Don’t just drive by Gujarat; explore great locations!

The car rental service provider will guide you to various attractions along the way from Ahmedabad to Dwarka. You’ll encounter different sights throughout the journey.

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Dwarkadhish Temple

It is the oldest temple to honor Lord Krishna. It attracts many pilgrims with its beautiful architecture. For a spiritual moment and inner peace, attend the evening Aarti.

Bet Dwarka

Catch a boat from Dwarka to explore a historic island! This place is known for its religious significance and amazing sea creatures. You can also visit the nearby Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple while you’re there.


If you have extra time, visit Porbandar. It is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace. You must explore Kirti Mandir, and Sudama Temple, and soak in the quiet coastal heaven.

Wrapping Up

Going to Dwarka isn’t just about reaching the end of the road! It’s an opportunity to discover Gujarat’s history, lovely views, and spiritual essence. Whether you join a guided tour or go by yourself, unforgettable experiences are waiting for you!

Get ready for an adventure by making an allowance for Ahmedabad to Dwarka tour packages! The Ahmedabad-Dwarka road trip is full of sensational visits. Right from serene beaches and ancient temples to lively cities and calm countryside, every turn has something inspiring and incredible.

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So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with culture, nature, history, and excitement.

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