Book a Tempo Traveller for a Family Trip

Boarding a family trip is like opening a treasure chest of shared memories and adventures waiting to be discovered. However, every great journey requires a reliable mode of transportation, and that’s where booking a 14- or 17-seat Tempo Traveler on rent becomes your family’s magical carriage to excitement and comfort.

Let’s imagine you have a spacious haven on wheels where each family member finds their cozy spot amidst plush, ergonomically designed seats. This blog will tell you why you should hire a 17-seater. Tempo Traveler is a great choice for your next family trip.

Top Reasons to Book a Tempo Traveler

Tempo Travelers Have Ample Space

One major reason families pick Tempo Travelers is that they are spacious! In a Tempo Traveler, there’s plenty of space for everyone to relax. This is great for kids who might get fidgety or need a nap. Picture a big, comfy ride where everyone has a cozy spot in soft seats. It makes the journey feel like a fun adventure, with lots of legroom, adjustable headrests, and seats that recline for personalized comfort.

They have comfortable seating

Tempo Travelers have comfy seats that make traveling fun. They’re soft and made to support you, so you won’t feel tired even on long trips. Some even have seats that lean back, adjustable headrests, and tons of space for your legs, making your trip super comfy.

They are equipped with safety features

Staying safe is key while on a family trip with the 14- or 17-seater Tempo Traveler rental services in Ahmedabad. , especially on family trips. Tempo Travellers on rent have awesome safety features like seat belts, airbags, ABS, and a strong design to keep everyone protected. Plus, experienced drivers add an extra layer of safety to your journey.

They are a convenient option

Booking a Tempo Traveler is super convenient, especially for big families or groups. Instead of dealing with multiple vehicles or public transport, one Tempo Traveler fits everyone, keeping the trip fun and united. You can also plan your route and make impromptu stops without any transport hassles.

They offer entertainment options

Many Tempo Traveller models are equipped with entertainment options like music systems, DVD players, and LCD screens. All these options help to keep everyone entertained during the trip. This is especially helpful for keeping kids engaged and happy on long rides, preventing restlessness and boredom.

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Tempo Traveler Has Storage Space

The 17-seat Tempo Traveler rental in Ahmedabad has lots of room for storing things. You can pack luggage, sports gear, picnic stuff, and more without crowding passengers. This means you don’t need extra roof racks or trailers, making packing simpler and keeping everything you need within reach on the trip.

They’re a cost-effective choice

Renting a 17-seater Tempo Traveler in Ahmedabad is usually more affordable than renting many smaller vehicles or using other transport options. With its convenience, comfort, and safety, it’s a great value.

They provide a bonding opportunity

Traveling in a Tempo Traveler lets families bond. Whether it’s a road trip, visiting family, or exploring new spots, sharing the journey makes stronger connections and lasting memories for everyone.


Renting a Tempo Traveler for your family trip is great! They’re the best pick for customizable tours! Lots of tour companies and rental services like Shiv Nandi Travels and Car Rental Services provide custom tour packages for rent 14- or 17-seat Tempo Travelers.

You get to pick different trip options, like weekend getaways or longer vacations, and adjust the trip to fit your family’s likes and interests. This flexibility helps you make a personalized travel plan that’s perfect for your family.

They customize transportation to suit you, making sure your travels across the state are comfy and dependable. Their vehicles are in top shape, and our skilled drivers ensure a smooth and enjoyable road trip for you. To learn more, contact us.

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